The What

What is the TL;DR of the category? What do tools in this category let you do?

Front-end tools contribute to creating the 'face' of websites or web applications. The back-end handles the data, the front-end provides the interface to access and format this data. These tools can change how the interface looks and behaves.

The Why

Why would I need to use it? Why would I need to start using it?

Use these tools to make your website or web application prettier, to ensure usable UI on desktop & mobile, to increase functionality, or to manage increasing code complexity.

The Where

Where in the Web Development design/pipeline is this category of tools used? Learn more.

These tools affect the end-result of a website or web application seen in the web client, which is usually the web browser. They deal with HTML, CSS, and Javascript development as well as asset (images, extra files) management.


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